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Fellowship alliance rules

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These are the alliance chat rules and regulations, updated according to the last alliance meeting. These rules apply to every member in the alliance.

What you SHOULD do on /as:

Use alliance chat to announce RvR activity - and to establish and announce the chat group leader - try to move the battle chat and co-ordination to the chat group asap.

Use /as chat to announce a significant enemy raid. When you do so, please be complete and post the name of the CG holder, or start one.

Use the /as chat for setting up a RvR raid (keeptakes etc.). Do not repeat the invitation over and over again (if you are disappointed with the response).

Use /as chat to announce PvE raids that you wish to invite other alliance members along to (*but* if you do so, please get the chat group running asap, and do not repeat your invitation again in /as if you are disapporinted with the response).

Use the 2 minute free spam time to say whatever you like when a new guild joins the alliance.

What you are ALLOWED to do on /as:

Post congratulations on /as if a member of a alliance guild has reached level 50 or RR5+. NOTE: contrary to popular belief people are supposed to reply to this through PM's, not on /as. If you ARE replying on /as, do this only in name of the guild you are in, NOT in personal name.

Talk with moderate freedom in special circumstances such as server instability or major bugs currently preventing normal gameplay.

Post a message on /as if you are looking for a member for a PvE exp group, quest group or RvR group. NOTE: You have to be the leader of an exp group that's missing certain classes (not starting a group), you are only allowed to post once and the use of a cg is mandatory.

During low population hours (4AM CET - 11AM CET) it's allowed to speak more freely on /as. This is only allowed if there are less than 30 alliance members online (/gc who alliance) and the normal /as rules count again if someone objects to the free chat. NOTE: these rules will be re-iterated at the next alliance meeting to find a good balance.

What you are NOT ALLOWED to do on /as:

DO NOT repeat yourself ad infinitum. If people don't respond to your first note, it's because they are busy, unable to help, or simply don't want to - respect that.

DO NOT correct someone individually on /as usage.

DO NOT respond to people breaking alliance rules unless you are a GM.

DO NOT personalise messages in /as. It's not the place to talk about people or personalities of individuals, guilds, or the entire alliance.

DO NOT use /as chat for questions/chit-chat that can be covered in /gu chat.

DO NOT use /as chat for finding a crafter or selling your crafted goods on /as.

DO NOT use /as chat for asking to buy items/scrolls/etc. The /as is not a trade channel.

DO NOT use /as chat for finding a PvE or RvR group.

DO NOT use /as chat to slip unallowed comments into allowed chat on /as.

DO NOT engage in a conversation on /as when someone posts flamebaits, trolls or unwanted comments. Simply tell them to stop (PM), or remind them about the rules (on /as).

DO NOT discuss, or expect others to discuss, relic raids in /as chat - it's too public. NOTE: this rule applies to relic raids Albion plans. If Albion is the victim of a relic raid, use of /as is free and information very welcome.

If ever you are in doubt whether your remark is allowed or not:

Think of whether or not your message concerns the entire alliance, or the majority of it. If it does not, DO NOT post it. If you're still in doubt, consult your GM.

If you do not agree with (a portion of) the alliance chat rules & regulations and have a suggestion to improve on this:

Mention this to your GM and ask him/her to bring it up at the next alliance meeting to discuss it.

Or post on these forums.

What if someone is misusing /as?

If you are a GM, /send them a polite message informing them that it's not a valid use. If they are abusive to your /sends, talk to their GM or post on the GM boards here.

If you are not a GM, either leave it be or pm your GM/an alliance GM.

What will happen when /as totally gets out of control?:

When people are harassing other people, spamming /as intentionally to hurt others or prevent normal gameplay, the person will be approached through PM and reminded of the rules and will be informed of the harm he can cause his/her guild.

If this does not work, the GM of the person involved will be approached with the request his /as rights be (temporarily) revoked.

If a GM or an officer is not available and the situation on /as gets out of hand, the guild will be temporarily removed from the alliance until the matter has been sorted. NOTE: this is a very drastic measure, only applied if regular chat becomes hard to read due to /as spam.

Note: do not be afraid to post something on /as. If your message is correct according to the rules and it is of benefit for the alliance to know, post it.
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