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Alliance suggestion

Post by Achmed »

Just copying and pasting this from our guild web site cos to be honest i can't be arsed so sue me :P

Anyway how many of you's have actually been anywhere exciting in DAoC for quite some time?

Been thinking to myself recently after doing CL quests and seeing places like Lyon again...Why not be a total n00b again?

Anyway my plan sometime is to start another Alt toon and do it the good old fashioned Cam way. Starting from 0 do a few Spraggons etc.
Then the plan is to get to 50 with minimum usage or TD's etc.
Dunno about everyone else but sometimes i think to myself PvE and exploration was why i started on Cam on the release.

So sometime next week prolly a night when missus is watching some crap on tele i'm thinking of rolling a new toon and doing everything the old way. No Cata's no TD's or ToA, possibly some SI but mainly a good old slug once a week for a couple of hours just to look around Cam again.

Anyone who thinks this would be fun stick a few suggestions like :- times, places, characters etc etc.

Replies so far :

ill make a new char for this
prob a cabby arms theurg or friar
maybe even a fire wizzy

Interesting! I have started buiding an Infiltrator. He is only level 15. I could wait a bit he he. Or I could roll a caster. We ll see

Got a 22 pole armswoman and a level 10 infiltraitor that need a lovely group I love a group from time to time

ok so anyway this is the idea overall :-

Right well i'm still undecided on my class but i'm thinking of doing this on a monday or tuesday probably 8 or 8:30 UK time.

Probably get to 5 pick a class etc on monday then it'll be the likes of Sal Plains, Dartmoor, Barfog, Cornwall, Lyonesse etc. My aim is exploring and having fun not getting to 50 in 2 weeks so this will prolly be a weekly thing for a number of weeks.

Any suggestions where to lvl etc is cool, remember i'd prefer not to go into dungeons or any easy places at all. Possibly 40+ we could form grps and do some ToA Arti's etc the old way.

The aim is to make the characters suitable for RvR etc at 50 so it aint gonna be a total waste of a toon, but as for Arti's etc i'd like to try to do things like that after a number of fun weeks dying off Basi's and twee's lol.

Any suggestions to fun places that i'm missing out etc post them, ideally i'd like to make a plan like :-

Lvl 1-10 : Outside Cam
Lvl 10- 19 : Sal Plains


Also post most ideal times, like i said mon or tue best for me but i'm on most nights.

So since i'm asking all i'm hoping to get a good response as to time place and dates etc.

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Achmed lvl 50 Vampiir (Glast)
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