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Prospective Members

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:07 pm
by Fingoniel
Ello folks,

Welcome to the Humberton Blackguard forums.

Humberton Blackguard are a friendly fairly casual guild that puts fun first. We quite like our PvE but we're happy to go die for our Realm in the RvR zones now and again too.

We've no plans to be the biggest guild ever, and definitely not the most hardcore but if you're interested in joining our little family then here's what to do:

We'd like to play alongside you for a little bit first to make sure you like us and we like you.

If you're interested in joining the Humberton Blackguard join the Humberton channel on the destruction side (/channeljoin humberton) on the Karag Orrud server. We'll also post information about upcoming guild events here on the forums which you can join in on.

We'll sort out some sort of grouping and if we get along then we'll invite you into the guild for a trial membership.

To give you an idea what the guild is all about, this is reposted from our feature on war-europe.
Originally formed in Dark Age of Camelot back in 2002 as the Humberton Guard, we defended the fair lands of Albion. For WAR we've decided "no more Mr nice guild" and we'll be joining the Waaaagh! on the side of Destruction as the Humberton Blackguard.

A reasonably casual guild in our outlook we've always placed having fun with friends above anything else. Members of HG have to be able to die (usually repeatedly ;)) in many silly ways and still be able to laugh about it afterwards. We're not looking for people based on how much they can commit in time or what types of characters they play - people fit with our guild based on their personality.:

Despite our casual credentials we still make our presence felt on the battlefield, having both led and aided in a number of keep raids and defences throughout the closed beta. We've all spent many an evening into the wee hours of the night manning the oil, firing the siege engines and raining down fiery death on the enemy hordes.

The highlight of the beta so far would be our foray into the Dragonwake: Two full HG groups (that's 13 people naturally, there's always one) stormed down the cliff face into the RvR zone. One death to falling damage down (never let Flimgoblin drive) we released and stormed back down the slightly shallower path into the RvR zone, captured two battle objectives in swift order and pressed onto the keep.

Rams deployed, ballistas firing we pushed the defenders off of the curtain wall back into the keep. Dodging the oil and all sorts of dangerous magic being hurled our way we rammed through the inner door and into the keep. A vicious melee fight left us controlling the bottom floor of the keep but despite repeated attempts to climb the ramp to the lord the enemy tanks just kept pushing us back. Half an hour or more of complete chaos as the battle pushed back and forth was ended quite suddenly as reinforcements arrived - unfortunately not for us.

Still, we make a very sparkly carpet on the keep floor.
Feel free to stick around and post on the forums or ask any questions you might have.

Fingoniel aka Flimgoblin
Captain of the Humberton Blackguard

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:09 am
by Fingoniel
About the history of the guild:
We formed on the Excalibur DAoC server back in 2002, realising that a group of level 6 adventurers weren't going to be saving the world quite yet names such as "Defenders of Albion" were ruled out.

However I suggested we could probably manage to stave off some spirit hounds from our starter town of Humberton and thus the Humberton Guard was born.

We've been playing since then, with a bit of a break between DAoC and WAR (we've played other games such as WoW and LotRO but not all together) and kept in touch through the forums.
We have use of a voicecomms server for the guild - but it's only for use in particular situations such as guild groups doing scenarios. Not all of our members are able to use voicecomms all the time so it's never going to be a requirement and I want people to pay attention and talk on the guild line as well, even if using voicecomms.