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Post by Yrrab »

Anyone still playing - had a look at the 14 day free trial and I'm tempted to resub
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Post by Fingoniel »

last time I tried the "bling" healing sound on smite drove me away again within an hour or two :(

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Post by hawkeye »

the euro servers are dead m8 the us servers are still going though and there pretty packed .. only problem is not much pvp goes on they all stand about chatting ..
i went and played the 14 day tial a bit back got to lvl 50 in 3 days thanks to some ridiculous powerlvling in a cave .. its all easy mode to lvl up now though

if your curious go play it for 14 days then decide .. i found there wasnt enough action to justify resubbing
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Post by Freezkid »

Just found this back :eek2:

I stopped playing daoc in 2004 or someting can not rember when i quit :) but i start playing in January this year and i still love it. I miss a lott of my old doac friends, most who are playing now are USA ppl.

I still love the game, i tried rift also in January but i did not like that one hihi

When someone is playing daoc still please pm me in game iam there most of the time with any name with dede in it or deeedeee...

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Post by Twigbob »

Is anyone still playing on ywain(or elsewhere)?
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Post by Ghengis »
mark jacobs has started work on DAOC2, named Camelot Unchained at the moment.
It launches on kickstarter in March 2013.
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