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The Secret World

Post by Fingoniel »

Played the last beta weekend...

Now trying very hard not to buy it ;) please tell me noone else is playing.
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Post by Catalina »

Played the beta for a bit as well.

Loved the modern day setting and the game has alot of potential, but i think i'm going to hold off for a bit and see how it develops.

Guild Wars 2 launches in 8 weeks and we're moving house in 7 weeks so probably won't have too much gaming time until then anyways.
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Post by Bleri McThrust »

Was originally interested in this but was going to wait and see how it developed in a released setting.

However now that we have a GW2 release date I'm ignoring it now. Looks like we will buying two copies of GW2 on release in this household :)
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Post by hawkeye »

dont bother its going free to play .. and most ppl i talk to think its shit
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