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My take on why mmo;s are failing

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Humberton Guard (Officer)
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:31 pm    Post subject: My take on why mmo;s are failing Reply with quote

the gameplay for the most part is getting more and more linear in the main story quest plots .. and there mostly utter crap

there been released far too soon due to release deadlines and is there full of bugs which players find unaceptable there gonna leave the game fast .. this is a huge and incompetent error by games companies these days

idiot proof quest markers make most quests very boring to do and its no challenge at all

there are zero consiquences to been killed .. ppl should loose exp on a death

but the BIGGEST reason there all failing in my own opinion is you can max lvl rush with quest .. the older mmos that ppl remeber and love such as everquest 1 and Daoc forced players to group in order to get exp at a decent rate ,,this in turn helped to bond a comunity and players to meet and have fun together ..this lead to ppl not minding grouping as it was almost always fun to do so .. yes you always came across a few cockends .. but they soon got a bad rep and ppl wouldnt group with them

in a fair few cases they put too much effort into pvp and hardly any into the pve .. bad mistake ..pve is the early game if it sucks ppl will again leave .. and turn it around lots of effort onto the pve and hardly any into pvp .. usually makes for a crap end game or max lvl content

mmos such as wow and rift wich are basically loot orientated mmos have zero interest for me anymore .. you basically get a pvp game thats a joke like in wow and then run the same few dungeons about a billion times to get better loot .. no thx

and thats it really in all honesty they need to take a step back in time and make ppl group up again .. dont release a game till its finished and put effort into both the pve and pvp ...they need to kill off the idiot proof questing crap as well ... then maybe an mmo will have a chance ... if the babies from games such as wow scream about it well fuck em tbh that game is why the mmo is in the state its in today and a more hardcore group orientated mmo .. would i belive have a place in the marked

what do you guys think ?

come get some noobs!!!!!!
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The Merry Men
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 7:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My feeling is that I have seen it all by now.
There is nothing new to grab my interest :/

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Humberton Guard
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree wholeheartedly, without grouping games simply aren't fun and frankly I'd rather be on the PS4 playing rather than pretending to be in a social environment.

I think producers need to take a leaf from Apple (Jobs mantra of refusing to take consumer demands into his thoughts as he knew best) and produce games that gamers want (*even though they don't know it) What I mean by that is all PVE gamers will tell you they don't care much for PVP. All the PVP gamers will tell you they hate the PVE grind, in actual fact they're both wrong and they both enjoy elements of each. DAOC had a good balance of both, the PVE was a grind but it made the PVP feel like you'd earned it and it also forced the creation of community within the game.

Skyrim MMO failed for me because I didn't group with anyone ever, solid questing solo through the whole game. Even the guild chat didn't offer anything in a way of community and I quickly realised I was just logging in or the sake of it.

Games have to refer back to the past, to a slower grind that means grouping is the fastest way to get to the end game and ensure a community is built.

Sadly game producers want a quick buck from a broad audience and they're not willing to settle for a smaller one (such as DAOC vs a WOW) in the short term to be able to build a franchise.

Just my 2 cents
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